Kardell Design Center

Basement Floor

Hotel, restaurant and coffeeshop equipment
Trade and Sports Centers

Ground Floor

Sleeping and Bathroom Goods ,  All sorts of accessories , Kitchen goods , Open space goods , Carpet, Rug and Gabbeh , Administrative furniture , Residential Furniture , Child's Room , Trade Furniture , Artworks , Lighting , Audiovisual

First Floor

Kardell Permanent Website and Exhibition

Kitchen equipment, Hygienic products , Hardware and trademarks, Electric and electronic, Window and façade, Tile and ceramic

2nd Floor

Common administrative offices

Specialized scientific and educational spaces

3rd Floor

Special Interior Decoration Materials

Flooring, Wall coating, Cloth and curtain, Wooden artifacts, Metal artifacts, Glass and derivatives

4th Floor

Specialized Architectural Materials

Ceramic, Kitchen and derivatives, Hygienic products, Internal and external doors, Hardware, Plugging trim

12 Reasons for Presence
of Your Brand in Kardell

  • Enjoying the first and largest consistent and integrated center for supply of specialized goods and services in the area of architecture and interior decoration with an area of 28,000 square meters

  • Proper opportunity for introducing potential corporate brand and abilities in an attractive and professional space along competitors

  • Enjoying the largest state specialized center for simultaneous introduction of brands to different pectra of professional and public visitors from Tehran and other counties

  • Enjoying the largest state specialized center for developing foreign relations and increasing amount of exports to Persian Gulf area countries and other neighbors

  • Enjoying the privilege of integrated advertisements in line with introduction of products to the most number of customers and visitors